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An observation about the Hulk found on Quora Marvel Hulk

An observation about the Hulk found on Quora Marvel Hulk


An observation about the Hulk (found on Quora) ...

I also like the way that it was done, and I like this a lot:

Fan ContentBruce ...

I don't need the “gamma [to be] a little of both.” Science and magic. Nope. Just let gamma be science.

After what happened in Johannesburg and Sokovia, Hulk clearly felt he had to leave, echoing Bruce's own words earlier in the film, “Where can I go that I'm ...

This sickens me to the utmost to what Marvel has done to Thor for the sake of popularity and comic sales. What Marvel did was take everything that made Thor ...

these guys

Which I feel were most perfectly exemplified by the live-action television show (The Incredible Hulk (1978 TV series)).

An observation about the Hulk (found on Quora)

Being a champion in the gladiatorial ring turned out to have way more perks than being a hero (he didn't realize he'd traded one form of servitude/slavery ...

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Deadpool: 8 Powerful Characters He'd Defeat Easily (And 7 Who'd Take Him Out)

The Strongest One There Is, the Incredible Hulk himself! As Bruce Banner he is incredibly smart and is known for being a great runner- as shown in The ...


The Groot Belly Attack!

Neo4j Marvel Social Graph Algorithms Centralities

'Black Panther' Mondo Poster. '


Zoro Hulk

High Evolutionary


5 Reasons to Start Reading Comic Books

He has also had a sustained run of five miles in just inside of five minutes, carrying a 140 pound man. We can assume this is working at the peak of his ...

when you take testosterone. Marvel Comics

V. Hulk Puts A Planet Back Together - Incredible Hulk 102 (2007)

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Odin headbutts Galactus from The Mighty Thor #5

Wormholes & Spacial Warps: The power ring grants its wearer access to wormholes in space, enabling the ring wielder to rapidly cut time and distance needed ...

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Cover of Avengers-196.jpg

Justice League versus The Avengers

Eternity War

Marvel ...

One Nasty Election

The case of the missing Avenger intensifies. Who could it be?

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'Tsunami Of Superheroes' Is Just A Drop In The Bucket

Winds of 1000 worlds decimated one of the Chaos Kings elite and killed Uriel of the apocalypse twins by opening a portal to the sun.

He has the hand-eye coordination of an Olympic-level archer or marksman. He can throw an object like a baseball for over 100 yards with near-perfect ...

I don't think anyone reading this has any doubt regarding the fact that the Incredible Hulk is on of the strongest beings in the MCU.

Let's Use Physics to Measure Just How Hulky the Incredible Hulk Is in Thor: Ragnarok

Promotional tableaux of The Avengers in Comic Con Mumbai, 2014

The Avengers

During this day you could paint with us and see live, how we work on models. There is a short video with coverage from this event.

No mortal blade can kill me

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

The first shot from the Super Bowl trailer that the fans have spotted shows Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner and James Rhodes walking on a field ...

With Disney+ unveiling today, I'd love to see Hulk, She-Hulk, and Namor get miniseries since they can't get solo films due to rights issues with Universal, ...

As talk and warnings escalate about a potential government shutdown next week (not that long since the last time this happened a couple of years ago), ...



The primary function of the Power Ring is to provide a weapon capable of transforming the wearer's thoughts into physical constructs through ...

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 12.50.14 AM by jamesbreaker15. Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 12.50.24 AM by jamesbreaker15. Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 12.50.32 AM by ...


Jack Kirby self portrait with Marvel Comics characters, most of which he helped create.

'Tsunami Of Superheroes' Is Just A Drop In The Bucket

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This guy in purple is tough-talking. The other fellow behind him must have broken his fall.

Safi Bahcall — On Thinking Big, Curing Cancer, and Transforming Industries (#364)

Anonymous ...

V. Hulk Puts A Planet Back Together - Incredible Hulk 102 (2007)

Here's Why We Didn't See Thanos Get The Power Stone

Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

Now, I would be completely okay with this, if not for the fact I got banned for a week for posting this article:

Great Lakes Avengers

Tony Stark Is The True Villain Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe | HuffPost

It shows that the outer ring is further away from the other rings and the star so the beam is a lot bigger.

28-36-stratagems-as-portrayed-in-comic-books- ...

What are some cool Avengers: Age of Ultron facts? - Quora

As I was saying, a complicated history. You can read it in Captain Marvel: Secret Invasion.

Zeitgeist ...

Let's just not do this, shall we?

Why an Incredible New CERN Observation Has Physicists Popping Champagne - Utter Buzz!

It's every kid's dream to be their favorite superhero (I used to pretend I was Batman), and now there's a virtual way to live out some of those fantasies.


MARVEL Battle Lineshttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/zlLUx87WcOMPalRDGVAFo21rwV3X2312JDtr0ZDfDnCOwtVPqWbrYA43VvhonoGqCw=w200https://lh3.googleusercontent. ...


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Of the Dragon Quest games that I've played, I've found the series to be largely phenomenal. I use to be concerned by arguments from people that Dragon Quest ...

Hulk Epsilon Base 3D

A) Rodents. – https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/how-secret-spying-programs-affect-the-clinically-paranoid/ B) People with ulterior motives.

'Thor: Ragnarok' Is Hela Good

... you ...