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Also in the oceans some invertebrates like sponges became more

Also in the oceans some invertebrates like sponges became more


Networks of sponges could capture DNA to track ocean health

Xestospongia sp. Courtesy NOAA.

Also in the oceans, some invertebrates, like sponges, became more abundant during the Devonian period, while corals continued to evolve thro.

Ocean Acidification Excites Boring Sponges

The ocean is a sponge!

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Aplysina fulva, a type of sponge characterized by long rope-like branches. This


Sponges help form incredibly vibrant seafloor communities like this one in Antarctica (Photo credit: Greenpeace.)

Sponges and corals: Seafloor assessments to help protect against climate change | Horizon: the EU Research & Innovation magazine | European Commission

7 reasons why sea sponges are the coolest

Sponges. marine invertebrates that can cause injury

Sponge-like creatures living 750 million years ago identified as ancestors of humans – and all other animals

Ocean Invertebrates: Sponges & Cnidarians

The fate of the oceans rests on ... sea sponges?


Biologists have known of these sponges since the 1800s. However, the fact that these sponges are carnivorous has only been known for a few years.

A vibrant seafloor landscape including sponges captured on a Greenpeace expedition earlier this year. (Photo credit: Greenpeace.)

From Sea Sponge to HIV Medicine

Are creatures like this at the bottom of animals' family tree? (Petra Urbanek - Wikimedia/CC)

The photo shows sponges on the ocean floor. The sponges are yellow with a bumpy

Polar sea ice leads to more productive oceans

Deep sea glass sponge

Corals, sponges, and algae are the major components of most coral reef communities as

Jellyfish in the water.

Invertebrates Annelids - Segmented worms- The common earthworm belongs to this group as do lots of ...

Plastic Cup

Consider the Sponge

A squat lobster and blackbelly rosefish find shelter on a Lophelia pertusa coral reef off the

A team of researchers examined fossils of ocean-dwelling invertebrate creatures like clams, snails, corals,... view more

... from finfish and shellfish to corals and sponges. Such biodiversity could change if ocean storms become more frequent. (Submitted photo)

Sponge (Demospongiae)

Sea stars and anemones cling to rocks in the intertidal zone.

The Life of a Sponge

Sponge v coral: overfishing brings Caribbean reefs to the brink of a new battle

Many fish species find food and shelter on glass sponge reefs. Photo courtesy: Department

The 49th plate from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur, 1904, showing various sea anemones classified as Actiniae, in the Cnidaria phylum. "

Yellow sea sponges

marine invertebrates that can cause injury

Starfish atop coral


Invertebrates ...

Other Ocean Life

Creatures of the Night Webisode 135

Endosymbiotic calcifying bacteria across sponge species and oceans | Scientific Reports

Yellow tube sponge: Abundant in the Caribbean. Click through for more fantastic photos.

These finger goblet sponges are some of the rare glass sponges in Hecate Strait. (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

Smithsonian Ocean


Ocean Acidity Rivals Climate Change As Environmental Threat | Science | Smithsonian

Scientists study ocean absorption of human carbon pollution

Smithsonian Ocean

Although most sponges are marine, some have adapted to fresh water, including an unidentified

Sponges are a group of animals incredibly diverse in color and shape. A grEy Hyrtios cavernosus sponge is surrounded lilac Callyspongia fallax Sponges.

The rare sponge, with a bluish-white colour and brain-like appearance, stunned scientists when it appeared in the remote cameras attached to their ...

Vase sponge

These animals had deposited their eggs onto the stems of dead sponges, which in turn

Sea Sponge Facts - Animals of the Ocean

Tiny hydromedusae were already being produced in many of the hydroids we collected, like these colonies of Sarsia tubulosa (left) and Obelia dichotoma ...


Ten animals that have evolved transparent bodies

Polynoidae_unidentified watermark.jpg


Invertebrates: Definition & Examples

Fishing activity near marine protected areas affects the feeding ability of sponges | MBARI

Parazoa - World's Most Primitive Animals



What are sponges?

The polychaete worm Neopolynoe africana

Life in the Shallow Ocean

Cover of Coral & Sponge Conservation Strategy for Eastern Canada 2015

They traveled the globe for nine months, sailed across three oceans, and combed the beaches of some of the world's most idyllic islands — including Hawaii, ...

5 Phylum Porifera - Sponges - Filters of the Sea

Underwater Tube sponge Pillar Coral on coral reef a carbon capture system

A new coral species called stichopathes was found

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The Japanese spider crab has the longest leg span of any arthropod.

Many marine sponges can tolerate ocean warming and acidification better than reef-building corals. James Bell

Azure Vase Sponge: one of the most colorful sponges in the world. Shaped like a vase, with many grooves and pits on the outside, it grows to 18 inches tall

Coral & Sponge Conservation Strategy for Eastern Canada 2015 - Canadian Context

anomalocaris, Cambrian Period hunter

American Oyster. Learn More