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Allah The Most Forgiving The Most Affectionate My Allah

Allah The Most Forgiving The Most Affectionate My Allah


Remember That Allah is Most Merciful

Dua of Hazrat Umar Ibn al-khattab

May Allah forgive us for all the salah we've missed. For indeed the best action is prayer at the prescribed time.

Allah (God) is the Most-Loving (Al-Wadud). Forgiveness ...


Seek forgiveness to Allah He is so loving and merciful: Find this Pin and more ...

Allah is Most Forgiving

... Most Gentle. Allah's names - Ar-Rafeeq

7 Qualities that Allah loves

Does Allah Love You? – Shaykh 'Abdul Mohsin al-'Abbaad

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Module 1 – Circle 9 Is Allah swt Loving.

How Allah is the Most Forgiving, Oft-Forgiving

Loving Allah in Islam and Quran

Allah'slove. ”

Loving ...

How to repent from sins and ask for Allah's forgiveness

True Love

Oh Allah Forgive my Sins as your the only Forgiving and Merciful... Aameen

Nothing...nothing can ever surpass the love and mercy that Allah gives us

Purity of heart and moral values

invitetoislam: Dua for The Night of Power: Allahumma innaka afuwwun kareemun tuhibbul afwa fa'fu anni Oh Allah certainly you are Most Forgiving, ...

God's Love in the Qurʾān

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Those who trust Allah never lose hope

The Names and Attributes of Allah

Equal Reward & Equal Accountability. Men and women worship Allah ...

Is Allah a Loving God?

... Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (blessings of Allah and peace be upon him) say, “Allah, Blessed and Most ...

Allah SWT, the Only One who's worthy of all our love and devotion, yet again does a beautiful thing here. He SWT directs the Mo'minoon towards positive ...

Your Tawbah (Repentance) To-Do List: Action Points for a Fresh Start


God is most loving, forgiving and merciful!!!/Z

He is the Ever-Forgiving, All-Loving. (Sûrat al-Buruj, 85:14)


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Via Names of Allah ||

This DUA Will Increase LOVE Between Husband & Wife Insha Allah ♥ ᴴᴰ Listen Daily!

Allah (God) Exists. Universe Testifies Him.

Ya Allah forgive us and guide us to the path of our Master #shirk #ramadan #bidah Spread the page between your Muslim Frnds Keep Loving The Prophet ...

How the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Rose above Enmity and Insult

I Need Allah In My Life ♥

We should never be surprised when God keeps His word to forgive those who confess their ...

INDEED 💖💖💖 ALLAH SWT is most merciful most loving most forgiving most excellent most

Quran & Hadith Hour

In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

O' Allah, the Most Merciful, Most Loving, Some good deeds my parents did back when living, As a witness that my parents did their best,

May Allah grant you the highest level in Jannah and may you and your father be amongst the shaheed.

Mufti Menk - Allah Will Forgive You Again and Again and Again!

10 sure ways to love Allah

Names of Allah : Ar-Rahim The Most Compassionate

Get Over It: 21 Ways to Say Goodbye to that Haram Relationship and Move on With Your Life | MuslimMatters.org

Dua for night of Qadr

Why Does God Ask People to Worship Him-Hero-Image

“Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds – the Most Merciful will. “

He felt so sorry afterwards he made Dua for forgiveness knowing that Allah is Loving and Merciful and may forgive him if he asks 💖

Most loving , Most forgiving !😭❤ • • • • • • #

Oh Allah, forgive me if I asked you more than I thanked you.

The 99 Names of God


Allah ...

7 Signs That You Truly Love the Messenger of Allah ﷺ

Beautiful Names of Allah - Part 2

6 Steps to Get You Closer to Allah (SWT)

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Jesus knew that loving the Lord with all of our hearts, soul, and mind would result in the highest level of life filled with love.

... no more than the twinkling of an eye; it may take even less )) The Quran 16:77 Death is certain And life is not. This life is temporarypic.twitter.com/ ...

The Mercy of Allah ...

Allah loves to forgive you updated their profile picture.

blessing of love in islam

allah quotes

Dua for Success, victory and Allah's help in all your affairs 9

Ten Things You Should Know About the Prophet Muhammad


Skip Prichard | Leadership Insights

Why Do People Suffer? God's Existence & the Problem of Evil

The collection of 99 Names of Allah

An oldie but goodie teacherappreciation

Why Do I Love Allah?

My Favourite Dua in the Quran: So Powerful!

The relationship of the individual to God is the most significant dynamic in Islam. There is no disagreement that God is immutable, omnipresent, indivisible ...

ABCs of loving your spouse, as his wife - A: Love your husband for Allah's sake, firstly. B: Do your best to be with him day and night. C: Care for him.

34 THE MOST FORGIVING. Best Allah Quotes and Sayings (17)


Seeking Allah's forgiveness is also a spiritual prescription for any problem we are facing in life. ...

Memorization of 99 Names of Allah

May Allah bless you dua. “

Illustration of Hinduism with arrows all pointing in various directions to show infinite manifestations of God Most ...

Love for Allah bestows great spiritual strength

On Interest. "Allah ...

... most Merciful Image. (6) O Allah ...

Ya Allah grant me a life and jannah partner whose heart is connected to You. A sincere, gentle, honest, loving, caring, loyal person in my life.