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Alec questioning why he wasnt born a warlock Malec love in 2019

Alec questioning why he wasnt born a warlock Malec love in 2019


#Alec questioning why he wasn't born a warlock | matthew in 2019 | Alec lightwood, Concert, Tumblr

Alec and Magnus had felt like they hadn't had any alone time since the

Grab some chocolate – the fancy kind, it's on us –, keep your tissues at hand and join us as we take a look at why Magnus and Alec are a couple beyond ...

#Shadowhunters 3x04 "Thy Soul Instructed" Shadowhunters Malec, Shadowhunters The Mortal Instruments,

Fading Scars: A Series of Malec One Shots


Keep it by spider999now


TV Time - Shadowhunters S03E16 - Stay With Me (TVShow Time) Shadowhunters Malec,

[Magnus Bane] Without you [+Alec] [+3x19]

Shadowhunters Finale Ending Explained

Quote from Shadowhunters 3x22 | Magnus Bane: First up, location. How about the

2016 V.S 2019 Q/ Which one of Malec wedding is your favorite?

alec lightwood: chaotic disaster gay edition : dumbass bi

The Other Fairchild (Alec Lightwood Fanfic) SLOW UPDATES

Alec “Proud Puppy” Lightwood


Harry Shum Jr. Talks the End of Shadowhunters, Crazy Rich Asians, and Representation in Hollywood


To ...


He's disgusted by how quickly they are to cash in on Magnus' grief and how cruel they are to continue to ride on his and Alec's relationship or what they ...

Who's ready for a Malec date night. Be warned this will be adorable and sexual but I hope you enjoy it 🥰❤ Part 24 Magnus and Alec sat on the barstools ...

[Sorry but I just had to post it. I was crying so much after watching this 😭😭😭😖💔 Matthews acting is so good I can't 😭]…”

Shadowhunters season 3 Magnus Bane dad

It's been more than 2.5 years since Entertainment Weekly shared the news that Magnus Bane would get another book series after The Bane Chronicles.

RSM cover 01.jpg

Alec brought Magnus's hand to his lips, and kissed it lightly, smiling. "

Fans Blast "Shadowhunters" Over Magnus and Alec's Controversial First Sex Scene

“It's a classic love story. I hit on him at a party, he asked me out, then we fought an epic magical battle between good and evil side by side, ...

... progressed I am so thankful.'

They value the honesty and attention they give each other, using it to further the develop the constant work in progress that is their relationship.

Shadowhunters Finale: Is [Spoiler] Really Dead? The EPs Answer All Our Burning Questions, Preview Season 3B

Myrcella shook her head as if she was physically trying to get rid of the image

Malec Fanfiction: 1 - For Alec's Sake by Topsham221b

In case anyone in the back didn't hear? Hot air balloon and rocks. This is why they didn't let us have a huge amount of input with the scripts.

Alec interlaced his fingers and began to speak slowly: “Magnus, I… I don't know if you can here me. But this is my fault. I was selfish.

Chapter :2: house party "why don't you guys come to my

'Shadowhunters' Series Finale: Bosses Explain Clary's Cliffhanger and Malec's Near Perfect Wedding

The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare ...

Harry Shum Jr

So this question sets me up for failure from the very get go. Even asking me… even me not answering puts me in a terrible spot because now they're going to ...

CJ COB10YPortrait, Magnus.jpg

#SaveShadowhunters: Magnus and Alec's romance is reason enough for the show to continue

Magnus has to cover his mouth to stop the laughter building up inside of him at the sight of Alec rushing to pull his stepdad up from the dramatic kneeling ...

MalecTrash💕 on Instagram: “They so beautiful 💞 #shadowhunters #malec #magnusbane #aleclightwood #headofnewyorkinstitute #highwarlockofbrooklyn # warlock ...

Shadowhunters 3x08 Magnus Bane and Jace

Look, I'm alive!!! Ch 114 - Words for Alec Izzy started reading her letter while standing up; at the end she was sitting on the couch, her hand in front of ...

Shadowhunters Recap: Season 3A Finale — [Spoiler]'s Death Explained | TVLine

Alec x Male! reader ~I love you p.1 by DanKyofu

... #luciangraymark #magnusbane #malec #mortalinstruments #mundane #shadowhunter #shadowhunters #simonlewis #valentine #valentinemorgenstern # warlock

(Maryse x incorrect quote) This is actually more correct than incorrect pfff AND THIS RIGHT HERE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IS WHAT WE CALL A++ CHARACTER ...

This is so relatable and I love how he delivers this line. The desperation is clear, but he's also determined about it. Also, quick question, why didn't ...

'Shadowhunters': Emeraude Toubia's Izzy Lightwood is a badass with a heart ...

He would do a great job! What do you think Alec can't plan a party? Alec can plan a party! It just might be a very sincere party. Maybe no costumes.

The Curse of True Love [and First Dates] was a awkwardly fun sweet read, we both know they are each other first in two completely different ways.

Season 1 Episode Magnus and Alec < <

Happy Birthday, Harry Shum Jr.: (some of) the reasons why his name deserves to be a household one

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As for the fates of Lilith and Jonathan, Slavkin reminds us, “You can never kill a greater demon, You can only banish them back to Edom, so Lilith is not ...

Hollywood Needs Harry Shum Jr.

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I don't know if there's anything cuter than Malec babysitting Madzie (Ariana Williams), and doing everything they can to protect her from Iris (Stephanie ...


Magnus adjusts the cuff of his blazer and waits beside his childhood friend Ragnor. He's not sure how Ragnor convinced him of coming along to his work party ...

But Magnus is careful not to aggravate that insecurity, which I love. Shanicka: YEAH. Samantha: Like, yes, Alec is different, ...

Alec crying was hard to watch . . . . #shadowhunters #shadowhuntersedits #magnusbane

... she doesn't need, since she's no warlock and her powers come from her angel blood, not ley lines. So, points for trying, show, but please don't mix up ...

Smokescreen 》Alec Lightwood

Shadowhunters - Magnus Finds A Heartbroken Alec On His Fire Escape In This Sneak Peek Of

Ridiculous to even question me. Don't listen to him. (points at Dom) This guy has this ridiculous story where I broke a sword and the sword broke, yes, ...

Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices, #3) by Cassandra Clare

Alec Lightwood-Bane on Instagram: “War of hearts silently playing in the back


Can we just appreciate these moments of acceptance please. Like, they are just so

Just a Shadowhunter post 😊 · · · · ·tags: #shadowhunters #malec

Malec 2 7 3

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BookMuffin. “

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare ...

#malecedits #malec #alexanderlightwood #aleclightwood #magnusbane #jaceherondale #jalec #shadowhuntersincorrectquote #shadowhunterslegacy #shadowhunterstv ...

Idk why but I love Jonathan so much,

'Shadowhunters' 3x16 recap: "Stay with Me"

And they lived happily ever after.

... of my co-stars I didn't find much.

For his decision to lend the warlocks' support to the Seelie Queen against both Valentine and the Nephilim, Magnus was stripped of his title as High Warlock ...

'Shadowhunters:' Fan-favourite warlock Harry Shum Jr.'s crazy Hollywood journey began with a high school dare | MEAWW

They support each other

D: If you don't ask the next question, he won't stop!

SHUT UP WE'RE PREGNANT!! also I love this art ♡ #thedarkatifices

For Him- Alec Lightwood (BoyxBoy)

Samantha: I thought I was free after book three and then I wasn't. It was awful. BUT ALEC AND MAGNUS JUST GET BETTER AND BETTER SO LIKE IT'S FINE.