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Actually Im an advocate of more days than notvery powerful

Actually Im an advocate of more days than notvery powerful


Actually, I'm an advocate of "more days than not"...very powerful, yet not as difficult as EVERY day. www.julielichty.com


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2018 Visiting Friend Map and Testimony

I really like this quote, but I don't think this would truly take just one day. You'll have to fight for much longer, survive for much longer, persevere for ...

The First Woman Of Women: How Melinda Gates Became The World's Most Powerful Advocate For Women And Girls


It can be difficult to speak truth to power. Circumstances, however, have made. “

Amy is on two cases and goes above and beyond to advocate for the children on both cases. Amy has been recognized by CPS on multiple occasions for being a ...

Jim Mattis is Trump's best advocate. So why doesn't he talk more?

#2: Focus on WOWing one customer, every day.

Productivity is not about doing more faster. Rather it's about achieving more by doing less as a result of focusing on getting ...

You know the old saying “It takes years to build trust and seconds to destroy it.” As always, this old adage rings true with customer service.

LGBTQ+ in tech 4x3

Flyer for Air Travel Access

Check out the infographic below, and read over the 11 data-driven reasons why you need a customer advocacy program at the end of this post:

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Speak to be heard: Effective nurse advocacy

Emailing legislators asking them to #BudgetForHousing

A Sea Change in Science

I got to do something cool on Friday (April 19, 2019): watch a bill I helped propose get signed into law by Governor Inslee. It all started a couple years ...

Photo of badges on a bag

Page 1. the. advocate

It's really not difficult to criticize schools. Just pointing at anything that happens in schools and then stating something like: “That sure looks old, ...

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The Devil's Advocate Poster

105 Favorite Quotes About Autism and Aspergers

Trump's team appears unfazed by the feeling among Palestinians that they are being cast aside.

Atlanta 500: Mawuli Mel Davis

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A college buddy you haven't heard from in years gives you a call to see if you want to do lunch. Heck yeah you would! Awesome that he thought to reach out ...

Only accept politicians who have proved they actually care about people other than themselves…

“I came to the conclusion that there is an existential moment in your life when you must decide to speak for yourself; nobody else can speak for you.


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The veteran labor organizer on what it takes to actually win…

Meet Mary Gay Scanlon, the education advocate and Ballard lawyer running for Congress | #PA5

Why Can't People Hear What Jordan Peterson Is Saying?

Science Says Parents of the Most Successful Kids Do These 10 Things


I have a (long time) dear friend, who was a CASA Advocate for many years. She was passionate about helping the children she had ...

Problems With Your Hospital Care? Speak Up!

“The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

But changing laws will take more than a year.

Yes, I'm a community manager. No, I don't tweet.

[Image Description: A bright red door with a brass knob and a faded mail slit. To its left, there is a long, dark windowpane with some decoration and ...

Biden helped kill the most effective policy for improving black educational attainment that America has ever known.

A basic income really could end poverty forever

Career Guidance - Feeling Frustrated? How to Advocate for Yourself at Work

The collected wisdom of the interviewees from my series “Non-Fiction by Non -Men”

Casework Supervisor, Chuck Gilliatt wrote: “I come back from vacation and my Team Lead, who was covering for me, tells me about something that happened in ...

Every relationship has its own rules — but here's some open guidelines

Photo: Governatorato S.C.V., Direzione dei Musei, All Rights Reserved

Hands typing on a laptop.

I was a lobbyist for more than 6 years. I quit. My conscience couldn't take it anymore.

Why Fake News Campaigns Are So Effective

About the Author: ...

David Hogg is one of the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, in Parkland, Florida, who started the Never Again movement, to advocate for gun control, ...


Psychology Today

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an advocate of non-violent activism

You have no idea how hardcore Harriet Tubman really was

ReferalCandy's Epic List of Referral Program Examples - Up to 77 and Counting [Updated 2018

A Former Cop Explains How the Police Get Away With Killing People

2019 April 18 Membership Meeting Summary and CEA conversation materials

President Trump at a rally last weekend in Ohio. Although there is some ambivalence about

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How to Launch a Social Media Advocacy Program with Employees, Customers and Prospects

Photos by Toan Trinh

Dominic Raab: Theresa May's deal worse than staying in EU

I am 16 years old. I am in the 11th grade, and I am in independent studies for the school year. I am studying for the GED test to take when I ...

America's gun problem is so much bigger than mass shootings

Health & Well-being advocate, coach and future mamma, Floriana C. Sieswerda

Kathryn Meyer, director of the Educational Success Project at the Center for Children's Advocacy. "The school is a community," Meyer said.

Superkids Manifesto

Ever Wondered What To Say To A Homeless Person? Here Are 5 Things to Say And 5 Things Not to Say

Since I shared much of my diaper days till after college partying days, I have gotten older and wiser and of course, being a parent will do that.

'So, so, so, so, sorry:' Truck driver in Broncos crash apologizes to families