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According to the feds Lorenzo Mannino is a powerful figure in the

According to the feds Lorenzo Mannino is a powerful figure in the


According to the feds, Lorenzo Mannino is a powerful figure in the Gambino family's Sicilian

Lorenzo Mannino set to fill Gambino family leadership void? | About The Mafia (Frank Cali and Lorenzo Mannino)

According to a Gangland News report, longtime Gambino family captain Michael Paradiso is now part of the families new leadership group alongside Lorenzo ...

Who's the boss? Frank Cali, maybe.

Gambino murder sparks Mafia rumor mill: 'A couple of guys got to get killed now'

The Gambino soldier who wore a wire against his mob friends and committed suicide

Mannino was with John and Joe Gambino at that meeting with the leaders of the philly LCN family that Nicky Skins taped. Mannino and Gambino are related by ...

joseph corozzo sr

Nicky Corozzo high ranking gambino member

Carlo Gambino.jpg

Anthony Romeo aka Tony Spring (1894-1942) was a soldier in the later

“Frank Cali”

Still a Hoodlum? Luchese Turncoat Frank Gioia's New Identity Blown By Arizona Newspaper Report

John Gambino, influential Sicilian born mobster and a relation of Cali's via marriage.

The traitorous Louis Eppolito (pictured) and Stephen Caracappa had passed the name 'Nicholas

In early 1990's he was indicted along with 16 other alleged mobsters including reputed Gambino family capo Joseph (JoJo) Corozzo and former New Orleans ...


"Barney" Bellomo Underboss- Venaro "Benny Eggs" Mangano Acting boss: Vacant Street Boss: Peter Di Chiara Consigliere: Unknown

LUCCHESE CRIME FAMILY Boss:Steve Crea Underboss: Matthew Madonna(in prison) Street Boss: unknown. Consigliere: Joe Caridi Capos: (New Jersey/Bronx) John ...

Lorenzo Lamattina | Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Mar del Plata | UNMDP | Instituto de Investigfaciones Biologicas

Andrew Andy Mush Russo Long time Colombo Crime family Capo and sometime acting boss

Since it's a holiday, I thought I'd trot out an older post, which I revised and edited slightly. Something to tide you over.

Corrections & clarifications: A previous version of this story misstated the last time a made man in the Gambino crime family was murdered.

Paul Castellano

Cefalu 1982 mugshot

Picture realesed 25 November 2004 by the Brazilian Federal Police shows US citizen John Edward Alite

Didn't know Jo Jo's son was the guy out of Friends.

... moved up and down the East Coast as a Gambino crime family representative, a position that made him even more valuable when the FBI flipped him in 2009.

Massimo E Maffei | MS Plant Biology | Università degli Studi di Torino, Turin | UNITO | Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita e Biologia dei Sistemi

The new alleged 3-man ruling panel of the Gambino Family.

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It's the stuff legends are made of. It's also one of the most brazen mob hits to ever happen. Granted, some may argue that the hit on Albert Anastasia was ...

Cali with other members of the Sicilian faction.

Sometimes we just have to leave it up to God. Thanks @macys for the

James « Jimmy Boy » Dellaratta (Gambino wiseguy , in 1996 when Nicky Corozzo got

Sammy "The Bull" Gravano. "

How the Gambinos Lost a Fortune in Florida

"But I did not kill Officer Calabro". Those are the poignant words of former Gambino underboss Sammy "the Bull" Gravano (picture on the left).

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New official ruling panel of Gambinos. Michael Paradiso,Domenic Cefalu and Lorenzo Mannino.

Thomas “Monk” Sassano has been named captain by Gambino boss Domenico Cefalu of the

According to the feds he held the rank of captain within the Cosa Nostra family and at one point was part of a Bonanno family ruling panel.

The All-American, All-Meat, U.S.A. Memorial Day Grilling Spectacular

Peter Gotti

allthingslacosanostra. Former Gambino boss Paul ' Big Paulie ' Castellano as a young man &

Feds: At Salemme Mafia Trial, Turncoat to Implicate Baby Shacks in Murder

Henry Hill

Re: Frank Cali Shot - 03/17/19 07:44 PM

Salvatore Cancemi - Salvatore Cancemi

Giovanni Inzerillo


Inside The Mafia

Matteo La Barbera, uno degli arrestati nell'operazione antimafia a Palermo

You see a seeing eye dog over here? Cup full of pencils? It'

behind bars since 1989 for running a multi-million dollar heroin distribution ring, is set for a Sept. 15 release from the Federal Correctional Institution ...

Thought this would interest you as I continue researching South Beach's history to finish writing the conclusion to How the Gambinos ...

Massimo Mazzillo | MS Physics | Osram Opto Semiconductors, Regensburg | Emitters Lasers and Sensors

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Me rocking my cowboy boots (Lucchese and Black Jack pairs here) out and about and sinking a beer in Austin, TX recently. Great nights!

Richard 'Iceman' Kuklinski

Recent photo of Philly mob soldier during the Scarfo era Nicholas ' Nicky Whip ' Milano

... it was the suspect's fingerprints which appear to have led authorities to him. He was reportedly picked up in New Jersey by U.S. Marshals this morning.

Robert "Di B" DiBernardo


At the height of power,Paul Castellano had more than 100.000 workers,who had


Stefano Magaddino kept the Marshals busy.


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Former FBI supervisor Bruce Mouw in a 1992 photo. [Via MerlinFTP Drop]

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As the Director, she will oversee the New Member Orientation, Retention, Recruitment, and Accessibility and Global Rewards committees.

Gotti regime[edit]

Frank Locascio

American crime boss

When a major gangster like Sammy the Bull flips, an entire generation of Mafiosi moves up prematurely, which may have a detrimental impact on a crime family

Philadelphia crime family - Salvatore Testa avenged the death of his father Philip in 1982.

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Claudia Sorlini | University of Milan, Milan | UNIMI | Department of Food, Enviromental and Nutritional Sciences DEFENS

Among the wiretapped conversation transcripts were some interesting claims about the current status of the Buffalo Mafia and the NY Mafia's ruling panel.

Another pic of Anthony.

Wild Bill Cutolo deceased Colombo underboss 1949-1999

Monday Mood — When the Philly Mob Boss Nicky Scarfo realizes he's gonna be in court

As we're celebrating 20 years of the #sopranos I found this I did

(DOC) The Marginalization of Italian American Writers and Italian American Literature | Michael Carosone - Academia.edu

You think I don't know it was you? . . . #thesopranos

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#MOBBEDUPMONDAY The feds would refer to him as "the nut", but

In this Feb. 2, 2018, file photo Democratic New Mexico state Sen. John Pinto talks about his career as a lawmaker on American Indian Day in the Legislature ...

Peter Calabro

At the end of the first day of trial for extortion conspiracy in Hampden Superior Court

Author Spotlight: George Sirois

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