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AC IV 17pdr armed Sentinel Cruiser Tank UK and Commonwealth Tanks

AC IV 17pdr armed Sentinel Cruiser Tank UK and Commonwealth Tanks


Artists rendition of the AC III tank

Sentinel tank

[An AC4 tank illustration.]

Preserved RAAC Sentinel AC1 Cruiser Mk.1 Australian WW2 Tank in the Australian Armour and

Australian Cruiser Tank AC1 Sentinel at the Tank Museum Bovington, England Tank Design, Commonwealth

... a modified AC I hull (with the hull MG removed), the turret from the AC III, a replica of the AC IV mantlet, and a 17-pounder gun from a different tank.

Australian Sentinel Cruiser Tank Military Gear, Military Vehicles, Army Men, Panzer, World

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AC IV 17-pdr armed Sentinel Cruiser Tank

The AC I under construction at the Chullora tank annex

RAAC tank crew on their new Australian Cruiser Tank AC1 Sentinel


A World War II Australian AC-1 'Sentinel' Cruiser tank, manufacturer: NSW Government Railways. Crew: five. Engine: three Cadillac series 39-75 V8 petrol ...

Thunderbolt tank

AC III 25-pdr armed Sentinel Cruiser Tank

ROQF 17-pdr AT G.jpg

GarageImage A.C.IV.jpg. The Cruiser tank ...

Notice the absence of the AC I's 'Distinctive' MG mounting and gunner's hatch, as well as the large mantlet bulge housing the 25 pounder gun recuperator ...

The AC E1 with duel 25-pdr guns, used to test the tolerances of 17-pdr gun. Used as a test-bed for the AC IV. Not intended for combat, but wouldn't be the ...

Sentinel tank AC III #militaryvehicles #australian #military #vehicles Tank Video Game,

Possibly the AC Christie model left, and the 17pdr right

The Australian War Memorial's AC3 in 2013


Possible Tier II premium vehicle for the upcoming British Tank Tree Name: AC -IV Sentinel Class: Cruiser tank. Year: 1942. Units built: 66 (all versions)

Cruiser Tank Sentinel AC (Australian Cruiser) - History, Specs and Pictures - Military

Sentinel Tanks on exercise. Sentinel AC I tank ...


British Sherman Firefly Namur.jpg

It's right, the twin 25-Pdr test-bed was to see if the turret could cope with the 17-Pdr recoil, it could, they then mounted a 17-Pdr for gunnery trials.


AC III turret and basket being assembled on a turret stand, the turret front, mantlet, and gun have not yet been fitted. The rear bustle of the turret is ...

Despite being a high priority target, Fireflies appear to have had a statistically lower chance of being knocked out than standard Shermans; ...

Cruiser Mk IV


The only tank weapon the Australian's had in ready numbers in 1940 was the 40mm 2pdr gun and although an excellent weapon at the beginning of the war it ...

Ram tank - Early production Ram Mk II at CFB Borden

17pdr SP Achilles

Diagram of the major castings of the AC I tank. Source: National Australian Archives

AC III 25-pdr armed Sentinel Cruiser Tank


AC4 Thunderbolt

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Comet tank 1.jpg

ACADEMY AND ZVEZDA [Model] 13517 Soviet heavy tank T-35 1/35 -FULL Review production – toyland hobby modeling magazine


Sior Banned

AC III 25-pdr armed Sentinel Cruiser Tank

Meng Model 1/35 TS-037 Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger (Porsche Turret) – Limited Edition – PRE ORDER – toyland hobby modeling magazine

Landing Ship, Tank

Puckapunyal Military Museum (Australia) Photos

In the British Army, the Centurion eventually gave way to the Chieftain, said to be the best tank in the world as long as it broke down in a good fire ...

Photo of the turret ring, ammunition stowage, and engine setup. The transfer case is the rectangular object in the lower centre of shot, the front two ...

Humber Mk 4 Armoured Car.jpg

The Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine was a British infantry tank. More than 8,000 of the type were produced in 11 marks plus various purpose-built variants ...

Crusader Mk III


diagram of the Turret traverse mechanism of the AC I

Ratel 90.


Sherman Firefly


Type, Tank destroyer

1942 cruiser tank series

Australian armoured units of World War II - Members of the 2/4th Armoured Regiment

ACIV with 17pdr left AC1 and crew right

Type 3 Chi-Nu medium tank

Australian M3 Grant

trumpeter Pz.Kpfw Vi Ausf.E sd.Kfz.181 Tiger 1 1/35 late production/Zimmerit -Quick review – toyland hobby modeling magazine



AC III 25-pdr armed Sentinel Cruiser Tank



By 1944, the Valentine had been almost completely replaced in front-line units of the European Theatre by the Churchill and the US-made Sherman tanks .

Charioteer-latrun-2. Charioteer-latrun-2

This thread aims to look at all of the various weapons and equipment for a Commonwealth faction that includes the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, ...

Chullora Tank Assembly Workshop, January 1943

Australian armoured units of World War II - The 13/33rd Australian Infantry Battalion's Carrier

Grizzly I cruiser


SOON FROM tamiya 1/35 35360 US Light Tank M3 Stuart – Late Production – toyland hobby modeling magazine

Perrier Cadillac 395 horsepower engine.

SP 17pdr, Valentine, Mk I Archer


Cruiser Mk II

The British Army in North-west Europe 1944-45 BU4676

M2 light tank - M2A4 Light Tank in British service, 11 March 1942

A Valentine tank which was captured by the Germans in 1942 and used by them until

AC1 E2 25pdr

Matilda Mk.II

And a bit of British derp?