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A wattled beeeater Etching by S T Edwards after A Latham

A wattled beeeater Etching by S T Edwards after A Latham


A wattled bee-eater. Etching by S. T. Edwards after A. Latham. |

A white fronted heron. Etching by S. T. Edwards after A. Latham.

A cockatoo sitting on the branch of a tree. Etching by S. T. Edwards after A. Latham.

A pennantian parrot perching on a branch. Etching by A. Latham, ca.

A psittaceous hornbill sitting on a branch of a tree. Etching by P. Mazell after A. Latham.

Tulips and Bee | The Art Institute of Chicago (not public)

A Norfolk Island flying squirrel sitting on the stump of a tree. Etching by P

A Bronze Winged pigeon. Etching by P. Mazell after A. Latham.

A woman with two serpents holding her finger to her lips; representing prudence. Etching

Wattled Bee-eater, female


Doctrine of signatures: (above) a plant (orchid) resembling a bee,

[western rosella] artist: edward lear (1812 - 1888) date: c1829 technique: etching with original hand colouring superb hand coloured engraving of the ...

[rainbow lorikeet] artist: edward lear (1812 - 1888) date: c1829 technique: etching with original hand colouring superb hand coloured engraving of the ...

Ornithology Black Swan engraving Sydenham Edwards

Index ornithologicus, sive systema ornithologiae

Title: The Crested Goatsucker. Artist: Sarah Stone (1760 - 1844) Date

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Ring-necked Pheasant Pictures

Green bee-eater - M. o. orientalis from Maharashtra, India

Bee orchid (Ophrys apifera) with an associated beetle and its anatomical segments. Coloured


Title: Maenura Superba. Artist: Samuel John Neele (1758 - 1824) Date

"Foot of Parasite of Queen Bee. Braula Coeca." Frederick H. Evans, about 1883. Lantern slide. J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California.


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Theatrum Botanicum, The Theater of Plants. Or: PARKINSON, John

White Gallinule

Title: The Race for the A.J.S. St. Leger at Randwick, on Easter Monday

Black-headed heron - Image: Ardea melanocephala 1


Traviès, Édouard, 1809-


title: great brown kings fisher artist: sydneham edwards (1769 - 1819) date: c1789 technique: copper engraving hand coloured the first printed image of the ...

Ornithology New Holland Cassowary engraving Sydenham Edwards

MacGregor's Honeyeater ...

Above, a bee is working on a honeycomb before the critical eyes of a king

The Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay - Wikisource, the free online library


Eater of Birds

Mouth parts of honey-bee and wasp. | Wellcome Collection

visitors at the Royal Melbourne



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The Tapoa Tafa, or Tapha

A general synopsis of birds. Vol. III. Pt. 2nd - UBC Library Open Collections

A bird of the crow family: a sheath bill. Etching by P. Mazell.

King Parrot, or Parrakeet.



A vet glues a radio tracking antenna to a helmeted honeyeater Healesville Sanctuary Victoria Australia

A Gentleman Who Wanted to Study the Habits of Bees too Closely, plate 6 from

Dwarf bittern - Image: Ixobrychus sturmii 1838


La Senna, Parigi

Bee Larkspur (Delphinium sp. var.): flowering stem with separate labelled floral

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Icones piscium, or plates of rare fish.: Richardson, John.

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title: lates gracilis. agass artist: william home lizars (1788 - 1859) date: c1843 technique: copper engraving with original hand colouring early engraving ...

A. Datta

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A laced lizard. Etching by S. T. Edwards.

Nanodes Venustus. Blue-Banded Nanodes. Native of New Holland. [Turquoise parrot


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Nanodes Venustus Australian parrot engraving Griffith

Gallery Cleavage Signy Coleman nude (33 foto), YouTube, legs

Dick Vane-Wright at University of Kent



Red wattlebird (Anthochaera carunculata), adult at tree trunk, Cuddly Creek, South

The honey-bee : its natural history, habits, anatomy, and microscopical beauties