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A short history of toilets at 35000 feet what really happens when

A short history of toilets at 35000 feet what really happens when


A short history of toilets at 35,000 feet – what really happens when you flush a plane loo?

Hello darkness, my old friend

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Airbus 330 toilet.

What Actually Happens When You Flush an Airplane Toilet?

DC-7 toilet, NASM, Washington DC, USA.

Be thankful there even are toilets on planes!

The Emirates bathroom.

KLM Boeing 747 toilet.

Passengers in aircraft wait for takeoff

Flights: What happens when you flush a plane toilet?

This Is What Happens When You Flush the Airplane Toilet

DC-7 toilet, NASM, Washington DC, USA.

Flight secrets: Plane maximum altitude

Richard BransonVerified account

A familiar sight for travelers - and there's that non-stick vacuum toilet! (

Royal New Zealand Air Force


Toilet on board SAM 26000, first Presidential aircraft designated as 'Air Force One'

Lessons for medical education from a health emergency 35,000 feet over the Pacific

The Craziest Reasons for Emergency Airplane Landings

DC-3 lavatory compartment.

Nine flying pet peeves on planes – from passengers not putting devices on flight mode to being rude to cabin crew | South China Morning Post

Slide 2 of 67: Commercial planes generally travel at a lofty 35,000 feet. That's

All nervous fliers have had this thought at one point or another.

William Langewiesche on the Amazon air crash

How often do toilets get cleaned on a plane?

737 Max aircraft is pictured at the Boeing factory in Renton, Washington. Photo:

How to survive a plane crash - What to wear and what to do

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A fancy airplane toilet (complete with bidet) on ANA. (Image: kalleboo

Flight secrets: Plane maximum altitude

One of the 2 showers on the A380 ...

And you can forget about those too-small toilets: these spacious shower suites have ample room for changing clothes and generally making yourself look a bit ...

So you're on a flight and lightning strikes! What happens now? While lightning isn't going to hit every single flight you're on, its still not as uncommon ...

Flight secrets: Plane maximum altitude

Delta MD88 toilet.

What is the fastest commercial plane in the world?

I just found a picture of the Spirit flight in Grand Rapids right after we disembarked. The problem engine is shown along with a puddle of what appeared to ...

But United just set a new low | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion | The Guardian

The Emirates A380 first class bathroom & shower at 40,000 feet. - YouTube

These relics were recently uncovered at Ostia and fully restored to their original beauty. The

Is cabin air really bad for your health?

Business class digs on the A380. What could possibly ruin this? Photo by the


What happens when lightning hits an aeroplane?

Delta MD88 toilet.

What are the main requirements to become a flight attendant?


What happens when you don't use a toilet seat cover?

Delta MD88 toilet.

“Big Airplane” Safety: A Cessna 340/340A buyer's guide

... No Shit: Frozen Toilet Tanks Are Exploding In Minnesota

Delta Boeing 767-300ER toilet.

How can you cope with fear of flying? Flying is by far one of the most common means of transportation in today's world, but fear of flying is also ...

Test pilot Jake Howard

A worker will attach a hose to the drain hose connector at the rear of the aircraft. Then, a switch is activated and waste is sucked out from the airplane's ...

What happens to lost luggage?

An American Airlines Airbus A319 takes off from Las

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Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet

How bad is flying for the environment?

Passengers can make and receive calls at 35,000ft · Flights: What happens when ...

DC-3 lavatory compartment.


Planes have a number of lights for different purposes

What Actually Happens When You Flush an Airplane Toilet?


Men's restroom stall where U.S. Senator Larry Craig was arrested. Police stall at right,

Photo courtesy of mr_t_77 via Flickr

Trouble in Thin Air: Responding to Inflight Medical Emergencies

JAL miles are the easiest way to try out Emirates

The Least Disgusting Way to Use a Public Toilet, According to Experts

According to Airbus, if a plane loses pressure at 40,000 feet, passengers have as

Sign inside a Delta MD-88 lavatory.

For the record, the poop deck, at the rear of a ship, gets


After all, many tour companies offer food tours, wine tastings, pub crawls—it would seem that bathroom visits would be the next logical evolution on these ...