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A perennial legume with abundant yellow flowers in late spring

A perennial legume with abundant yellow flowers in late spring


Bachelor Buttons - Flower - Yellow - Perennial

A perennial legume with abundant yellow flowers in late spring followed by small edible seeds. Young green seedpods can be eaten as a vegetable…


... Sneezeweed Seeds 6980. 🔍

Over a dozen Honey Bees were attracted to the Horseshoe Vetch. The Horseshoe Vetch was flowering late compared to 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Golden Yarrow☆Abundant and Widespread Perennial Shrub☆Drought Tolerant☆50+ Seeds

Mill Hill

One of the easiest-care perennials. Long bloomer, starting up in summer and continuing through autumn. Daisylike flowers bloom in bright yellow, ...

The ...

Fall flowers and legume-like foliage are apparent on the less frequently planted popcorn cassia. (Photo by Allen Owings, LSU AgCenter)

Cleome serrulata

I have Iceland poppies in shades of yellow, orange and white. They come in more than 80 varieties. The flowers also attract birds, butterflies and bees.

Maximilian Sunflower

... require very little care if they are grown in soil that drains well and gets full sun. The only downfall – poppies have a relatively short bloom span.

Cytisus-scoparius-1, Cytisus-scoparius-2

10 Native Wetland Plants

10 Perennials You Can Easily Grow From Seed

Horseshoe Vetch

Lotus corniculatus

Sometimes referred to as Yellow Ironweed, Wingstem is a perennial that can reach 13 feet tall. Before the blossoms appear, the plant resembles Ironweed, ...

Rapeseed controls nematodes and weeds from destroying plants. (Photo: Strangeways70/Shutterstock)

Solidago with bees.jpg thumbnail

Rose Garden in the National Garden at the United States Botanic Garden

Patrick J. Alexander, hosted by the USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

Colour photo of flowering woolly glycine plant in pasture.

Colour photo of glycine pea stem, leaves and one small pod.

Common St. John's-wort is a perennial herb that grows from fibrous roots. Its stem is upright, branched and smooth. Leaves are arranged opposite each other ...

Yellow flowering native shrub Mahonia 'Golden Abundance' in California native plant garden, Santa Barbara, spring

Cup Plant - Silphium perfoliatum: Requiring nothing in the way of care, can grow to 9' in thick-stemmed clumps with abundant yellow flowers.

Lupinus, commonly known as lupin or lupine, is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae. The genus includes over 200 species.

10 Perennials Easily Grown From Seed

Round-headed bush-clover (Lespedeza capitata) is a native prairie wildflower.

Stone wall

Daffodils, White Flowers, Perennials, Bloom, Gardening, Daffodil



C. 'Lena' - image: Floramedia

Narcissus Double Delnashaugh. Spring FlowersWhite ...

Reaches a maximum size of 2 x 2 ( rarely over 1.5 ) feet, with abundant, bright orange-red, semi-double flowers, up to 2 inches across, borne during late ...

A yellow butterfly sits atop a green bush with pink flowers.

The flowers are white with yellow centers and closely clustered together, making a nice effect in the spring ...

Native Northeast Wildflower Seed Mix - Black Eyed Susan & Bee Balm

Alfalfa, Falcata

blooms in a wildflower meadow

The only thing needed to be done with this color was to enhance seed germination and formulate a commercial production technique which would ensure a ...

Japanese primrose is a pretty late-spring bloomer for moist ground. (Image by Jessie Keith). Many perennial flowers ...

butterfly on wildflowers

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Golden ragwort makes a carpet of yellow in the spring landscape.


This garden is one of the first you see when visiting my farm. It is several years old now and has developed more and more every year. I wanted the plants ...

The Scent of Popcorn in the Garden

Bougainvillea plant cascading over wall

Caesalpinia gilliesii

The bright yellow flowers, up to 3 inches across, are borne late spring through summer.

Dreer's garden book for 1946 : faithful for over a century . dreersgardenbook1946henr Year: 1946

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legumes cover art

Showy tick-trefoil, Desmodium canadense, is a prairie wildflower.

Rose of Sharon, aka Hibiscus, is a wonderful bee friendly plant that blooms into ...

Dozens of small, orange, tube-shaped flowers line the upright branches of a

Roses. Rose Recommendations

5 Things I've Learned From Designing with Tulips

Down the steps on to the lower slopes on Mill Hill where it was shimmering warm and the first Horseshoe Vetch, Hippocrepis comosa, was flowering.

Here is a wonderful perennial poppy commonly called Moroccan poppy. Papaver atlanticum hails from Spain and Morocco and shows off soft apricot-orange, ...

Ox-eye Sunflower (Heliopsis helianthoides) is a short-lived, long-blooming perennial plant which prefers full to partial sun. Growing up to five feet, ...

Yellow Sweet Clover Melilotus officinalis The nectar of the flowers attracts many kinds of insects.

Chartreuse Joseph's CoatAlternanthera ficoidea

Melilotus albus

Sulphur Cosmos is a popular garden annual, also known as yellow cosmos. The species of Cosmos is considered a half-hardy annual, although plants may ...

Clasping Coneflower Clasping Coneflower seed


Growing Flax: Tips For Flax Plant Care

Ryegrass ...

These poppies are in a sheltered location at the bottom of a slope.

Colour photo of rhynchosia stem with leaves and seed pods.

Wild senna is a tall prairie forb.

Beggar ticks blooming near the Iron Horse Trail in Stark County, OH in early September. Photo by C. McClaugherty

Alien weeds on north side of Owens Peak north of Palomar College (15 April 2019). They include mustards (Hirschfeldia incana & Brassica nigra).

... supplies for creating a year-round bee habitat, visit your local garden centre and they will be happy to help you. You can find a list of garden centres ...

Showy Sunflower (Helianthus laetiflorus) prefers drier soils than most other sunflowers. Its yellow blooms appear in July and last until early fall.

marsh marigold

Paeonia lutea delavayi ludlowii 1 potted plant - Fragrant Tibetan Tree Peony, Clay tolerant Specimen plant Abundant yellow Flowers by RootGarden on Etsy


Yellow Sweet Clover

This is a Robinson daisy – a cheery bright flower that is freely produced in late spring to summer. It is superb for long-lasting cut flower arrangements.

Glossary of Growing Terms

Cool Season Annual Legumes