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A bending tree Norikura highland Japan image by peacefuljp

A bending tree Norikura highland Japan image by peacefuljp


A Bending Tree, Norikura Highland, Japan. (Image By Peaceful-jp-scenery On Flickr).

Thought to be more than 4,600 years old the worlds oldest tree is a bristlecone pine tree, which grow in the White Mountains in California of the United ...

32 Must-See Places To Visit in Japan

Native American Trail Marker Bent Tree Native American Cherokee, Native American Wisdom, Native American

Sue for scale against a Swamp gum (Eucalyptus regnans) on the Tall Trees Walk, Mt Field NP, Tasmania. Photograph and text by Chris Middleton has been taken ...

Japanese Culture ~ old twisted mossy tree in Japan Old Trees, Twisted Tree, Japanese

Norikura kogen is a highland at the base of Mount Norikuradake. You can find the hiking trails leads you to the beautiful natural sights.

The Shinano River is the longest river in Japan at 367 kilometers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinano_River In Niigata prefecture it empties into the Sea ...

Embrace. Photo by Roger Smith. Whitianga, New Zealand. www.worldlense.

Must-See Places To Visit in Japan

Nakamachi Street is often referred to as Old Street or Old House Street, because the buildings and houses along it have been restored to their original ...

Option 1: Go nature trekking in Yashimagahara Marsh. This marsh, 1,630 meters above sea level, dates back some 12,000 years. With some 360 kinds of flowers ...

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After Mount Fuji and Mount Ontake, Mount Norikura is the third tallest volcano in Japan

Must-See Places To Visit in Japan


Take a cruise amongst the clouds on Japan's highest road. Mount Norikura climbs to 3,026 m above sea level, offering unparalled panoramic views of the ...

It was fully restored to revive the Edo period atmosphere, and now pine trees and gravel lanes ...

Must-See Places To Visit in Japan

Beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree, Hanani and I saw these in Maui and thought they were painted this way, we later found that its just one of the amazing ...

Mt. Fuji

Landscape of Kurobe dam and autumn mountains, alpine route, Tateyama, Toyama Japan

Tour of Hakone, the Gateway to Mt. Fuji in Japan

Maezawa Magariya Village

Huge Kapok tree at Ta Prohm - Cambodia 2011 - I want to see this some

Hiking in Japan

Must-See Places To Visit in Japan

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Suirennuma Marsh in front of Takada-odake Peak of the Hakkoda mountains

Apart from this bit which was somehow kinda yellow

At 6 am, the summit was busy with hikers who had come up from the nearby hut. An elderly couple from Nagoya insisted on feeding me a leisurely breakfast ...



In the centre of Kyushu, Japan's third largest island, is the country's most active volcano. The picturesque location makes it one of the best driving roads ...

Kyoto Cherry Blossom

Green, white, and blue: the colours of the Japanese Alps

It was now free of cloud and looked like a long-lost sibling of Mt. Takazuma and Mt. Ishizuchi, two of Japan's more prominent peaks.

a light in the forest Golden Tree, Kyoto, Japan photo via ashleigh by tiquis-miquis

Must-See Places To Visit in Japan

View of Mt. Ontake from Ta-no-Hara Nature Park

Kiyomizu Temple

In Otaki we are seeing in the landscape the first bitter-sweet notes of winter. During a hike in the back part of the Otaki Valley I caught a glimpse of Mt. ...

The modern Sparrhorn 6 seater chair provides Belalp's main lifting power.

Tateyama Ropeway

Must-See Places To Visit in Japan

The city was crowned capital of Japan from 710 to 784, bringing about the Nara Period that would become heavily influenced by Buddhism.

Fuji Shibazakura Festival


Sainte Foy ski resort is high above the legendary Tarentaise valley, France.

... Ushidomeike pond is a quiet pond surrounded by a coniferous tree at an altitude of 1,590 m. http://jpn-trip.jp/ #japantrip #nagano #matsumoto # norikura ...

My lunch was served with green tea, and after a few extra cups, I felt about as normal as I can get this dreadful season. For anyone who is lucky enough not ...

What does it mean?

Paz Cerezo


Must-See Places To Visit in Japan


It is the most western hamlet in Nagano prefecture and lays just over the mountains from one of Japan's ...

Arriving at the base means travelling the Bandai Azuma Skyline, one of Japan's ...

Tucked away in the forest, a short walk from the main building, are more minka with their lichen-covered thatched roofs and earthen walls, looking like they ...


An early morning scene from Big Bend National Park, Texas.

We set off for Hijiridaira hut. I would decide there whether to continue or camp. Another few hours later in the rising heat and both the dog and I were ...

乗鞍高原#matsumoto #fujifilm_xseriespic.twitter.com/1Ns7sX1I0f

Mt. Fuji

41 trendy ideas for tattoo mountain tree national parks #tattoo Forest Path, Pine Forest

Lunch: We will stop at Hikariya, an elegant old kura (traditional warehouse) that has been beautifully restored and converted into a stylish pair of ...

Painted Valley

Hakuba Connect Winter 2012

Lake Towada showing off its best autumn beauty

Must-See Places To Visit in Japan

Luxury Japan Alps Explorer (Inc. Nakasendo Trail Walk) 11D10N, Partially Guided

It was fully restored to revive the Edo period atmosphere, and now pine trees and gravel lanes contrast pleasantly with the beautiful white walls.

... the trail meandered through a pristine forest of towering hardwoods. In these healthy forests, I always scan the tops of the larger trees in order to ...

The above is the view from the summit of Mt. Ontake looking towards the northwest; Mt. Norikura and Kamikochi lay in the dista ...

Todaiji Temple


Boundless Beauty

At a shaded place up the road with one of the ubiquitous drinks vending machines we stopped and filled up our water bottles and talked for a while while we ...


Landscape of autumn mountain, alpine route, Tateyama Japan Alps

Towards the top it was quite cold indeed and the scenery was completely different. It was a blanket of white snow!

Must-See Places To Visit in Japan

Belalp (Blatten) is beautifully situated above Brig. (Photo: A Wulfers)

craftynature. Japanese Plum TreeJapanese ...

I pushed ahead towards the junction on the ridge while Nao stayed behind with Tomoko, who was struggling a bit with knee pain. At the crest of the ridge I ...

“The best way to be a frugal traveler is to learn to truly love the things that don't cost a lot of money, like eating honest, simple food, ...

Golden Pavillion

At the high point in Shiga Kogen on Route 471 looking South

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Volcano Yakedake as seen from Kamikochi

Wooden walkway of Norikura national park, Norikura Kogen Hida mountain Nagano Japan

A photographer finds a perfect subject

As we rose up towards the Tango highlands, large swaths of fresh snow covered the shaded parts of the road, prompting a bit of careful navigation from my ...