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8 Tiny Things That Stopped Suicides

8 Tiny Things That Stopped Suicides


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8 Tiny Things That Stopped Suicides! — A Puppy is # 1 — Ya Don't Say!?

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23 People Explain What It's Like to Have Suicidal Thoughts When You're Not Suicidal

23 People Explain What It's Like to Have Suicidal Thoughts When You're Not Suicidal

Time to Stop Using Suicide For Political Point-Scoring

Logan 'Suicide Forest' Paul Attempts to Save Career by Helping a Tiny Dog Cross a River, Pledging $1M

Suicide tips hidden in YouTube and YouTube Kids videos, paediatrician warns

Suicide By Women Is A Major Public Health Concern In India

Cyprus has lowest suicide rate in the EU

The Arctic Suicides: It's Not The Dark That Kills You

Number of suicides in UK increases, with male rate highest since 2001

I Used to be Suicidal. Here are my Thoughts Regarding the Rise of Suicide

Momo 'suicide game' tells boy, 8, to hold knife to his neck


Stepping back from the edge

Treating America's Pain: Unintended Victims of the Opioid Crackdown, Part 1 – The Suicides

8 Tiny Things That Stopped Suicides

10 Things Not to Say to a Suicidal Person


Talking about male suicide is only the start

Anthony Bourdain, seen in a 2016 file photo, was a celebrity chef and travel

Can Facebook's Machine-Learning Algorithms Accurately Predict Suicide?

The Last Time I Committed Suicide I Used A Time Machine, But I Did It For Love


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The Difference Between Being Suicidal and Wanting to Die

More Religious Leaders Challenge Silence, Isolation Surrounding Suicide

Exploring consciousness, suicide and the quiet horror of SOMA

The controversial 'suicide pod' that lets users kill themselves with the press of a button | South China Morning Post

Police warning on Momo 'suicide game' after boy, 8, told to put knife to his neck

Loss at the dinner table

Psychology Today

Why elderly people consider suicide – and why it's controversial

A pregnant, suicidal rape victim fought Ireland's new abortion law. The law won

A VIRTUAL PATH TO SUICIDE / Depressed student killed herself with help from online discussion group

Woman Who Provoked Suicidal Boyfriend Via Text Message Begins Prison Sentence

Suicide rates in men: Talking about male suicide is only the start | British GQ

50 Tattoos People Look at When They're Struggling With Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide_jrs_0122_jpg.jpg The Body of a jumper off of the Golden Gate Bridge being prepared

'A Million Little Things' creator says the show is 'not romanticizing' suicide

Chinese women in rural regions lack support and can be 'leftover'

Feminization of Terror: Boko Haram and Female Suicide Bombers in Nigeria

Topic: The Sovereignty of God

The 'Shock Of Confinement': The Grim Reality Of Suicide In Jail


10 Things to Say to a Suicidal Person

A girl sits in front of a blurry night sky

20 Pieces of Advice for Suicide Loss Survivors During the Holidays | The Mighty

Russian parents are being warned of a terrifying new suicide game after Svyatoslav Chapala, 11

A Confederacy of SpendthriftsThe Silent KillerOh, The Shame of It AllSleep On It, Even If It Only Costs $10Eat at Home, Eat at Home, Eat at HomeGo ...

How real women overcame suicidal thoughts

Text reads: 20 message for suicide loss survivors during

Amanda Todd: A Name We Will Never Forget (Cyberbullying/Suicide Story)

A man herds reindeer in northern Sweden.

In Guyana, agriculture is the leading industry, and many men cut sugar cane or grow rice. Suicide rates are highest in the country's agricultural villages.

The idea of a suicide net dates to the 1950s, but officials could never reach consensus on whether to build one or how it should be done.

Interrupted Suicide

'Parking lot suicides' at VA hospitals prompt calls for better training, prevention efforts

The Virgin Suicides (Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition): A Novel

Inside a candid support group dedicated to helping New Yorkers cope with the crippling emotions that arise after a loved one takes her life.

US military struggling to stop suicide epidemic among war veterans

Mom died in a random parking garage. I didn't know why, but I had to see it.

How Teachers Can Prevent Student Suicide

"8 tiny things that stopped suicides" Probably one of the funniest, touching and

“If someone's life is so awful that they want to die by suicide, why stop them?”


Doctor revived after suicide. Here's what he says.

Govin Munswami stands outside the University of Guyana Berbice in Region 6. Both his wife and his mother died by suicide. On her deathbed, his wife made him ...

Depressed teenage boy

In June 2014, nine months after Kyle jumped, the historic vote finally came.

Bethany Fitton (left) with her parents, Estelle and Richard. Her father said

dua for happiness

7 Essential Steps Parents Can Take to Prevent Teen Suicide

Teen suicide: A boy tried to kill himself by jumping from a highway bridge. He killed a driver instead. - The Washington Post

Erika Brooks, who lost her adopted daughter to a Golden Gate Bridge

A piece of plane debris possibly belonging to missing flight MH370

Girl, 13, Commits Suicide after Dad's Public-Shaming Video Posted Online | WNEP.com

The Suicide Rate In Guyana Is One Of The World's Highest. Why? : Goats and Soda : NPR

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ittetsu Nemoto near his temple, in Gifu prefecture. Japan's suicide rate is nearly twice that of the United States.

Quote image for "The Suicide"

Protecting My Suicidal Son


Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast