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4 Reasons 300 Blackout Is a Terrible Choice for Home Defense

4 Reasons 300 Blackout Is a Terrible Choice for Home Defense


4 Reasons .300 Blackout Is a Terrible Choice for Home Defense. ⋆ Home Defense Gun


L to R: 125gr .300 BLK, 150gr .300 BLK, 220gr .


State Your Case: 300 Blackout vs. 5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington

5.56 vs 300 Blackout vs 308 Winchester featured

300 BLK vs 9mm

12 gauge shotgun vs 300 blackout

Are you comparing 300 AAC Blackout to 5.56 NATO? If so, you're doing it wrong. Sort of. You see, 300 BLK wasn't intended to replace or compete with ...

.300 Blackout vs 5.56 .

Why Subsonic 300 Blackout Rounds Need a Pistol Length Gas System.

Big bullet! My magazines currently hold my most-trusted Nosler 220-grain factory ammo. Good stuff.

Bad for Home Defense? Over Penetration?? Battle Rifle?? Viewer Comment Got Me Fired Up!!


The .300 Blackout is a round that I have a great deal of experience on from the earliest years it was introduced. In this article I will share some of that ...

300 blackout vs 7.62x39 featured


There ...

300 Blackout Scope Buying Guide

AR-15 Choices for Home Defense

.300 blackout home defense weapon

Suppressed .300 Blackout

300 BLK -1

'Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4' Review: The Good, The Bad And The Blackout

Nemo Arms Battle Light AR Pistol 300BLK for sale. The 300 AAC ...

Why You Should Buy A 300 Blackout Gun

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300 Blackout My Final Thoughts & Opinion

Daniel Defense DDM4 AMBUSH KRYPTEK HIGHLANDER 300 AAC Blackout 16″ 30+1 Geissele SSA Two Stage Trigger M-Lok – Case

While the 5.56 (left) has a lot of great capabilities, working well out

Pistol vs Shotgun vs Rifle for Home Defense

A shotgun like this Mossberg (mossberg.com) is a very effective firearm often used in home defense. It can fire a variety of projectiles, but its magazine ...

300 Blackout Buyer's Guide

Three AR-Pistols

The Hevi-Duty loads from Hevi-Shot utilize frangible pellets that will not penetrate

300 BlackOut 115gr, Controlled Chaos, Pig Punisher – 20 Round Box

Fiocchi SST 125gn 300 BLK - 25 rounds

This 300 BLK build is so badass. I love themed cerakote jobs. What do you think? . . . . . . #Repost @angel7industries ・・・ A7 “Top Gun” 300 Blackout ...

Sig Sauer Rattler 300 Blackout For Sale

Daniel Defense DDM4 AMBUSH KRYPTEK HIGHLANDER 300 AAC Blackout 16″ 30+1 Geissele SSA

What Can The .300 Blackout Do That The .458 SOCOM Can't Do Better? - YouTube

300 AAC BlackOut, 147gr FMJ – 20 Round Box

richard mann home defense gun

Alternate Image

.308 Winchester Ammo .

The AR-15, also called the Modern Sporting Rifle or the Black Rifle, is generally chambered ...

Stopping Power: Top Choices for Self-Defense Ammunition

Sig Sauer Rattler MCX PSB 300 Blackout, designed for concealed carry with stable twin-

best scope for 300 blackout


300 blackout

AR vs. shotgun for home defense.

Bart Bauer home defense gun

The Springfield Saint is a great out-of-the-box option if you're looking for a 300 BLK AR pistol.

Manuf. of Bullet and Defense Ammunition Technology

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Magtech First Defense 123gn 300 BLK - 500 rounds

Bloodline 10.5″ 300 Blackout

In stock (can be backordered). 300 AAC ...

Home Defense Rifle Options

best scope for 300 blackout

I know that I am not going to make any friends by writing this, but that never stopped me before, so why not? Here goes: Pistol caliber carbines don't make ...

300 AAC BLK vs 6.5


300 BLACKOUT vs 9MM | Ballistic Gel Test | Tactical Rifleman

It Came from Amazon Remix


Larger Photo ...

See full-sized image.

I went 8.5" in both 5.56 and 300 AAC

DDM4 300s URG

The AR-15 Pistol Seemed Like a Bad Joke at First


300 blackout vs 7.62x39 trajectory

Bloodline 10.5″ 300 Blackout

Wood box with back pipe tree

300 BLK -3-ballistic-gel

The .300 Blackout is, in my educated opinion, destined to be a cartridge

An Argument for 300 AAC Blackout.

Pistol vs Shotgun vs Rifle for Home Defense

Q: Kevin, can you talk about your first experiences with the AR-15 platform?

300 Blackout vs 308 Winchester – Best Choice For Deer Hunting

9mm Luger P 90gr Xtreme Defense Ammunition M&p Shield 9mm, Guns And Ammo, Self

Barnes VOR-TX Tipped Triple-Shock X Hollow Point 110gn 300 BLK - 20

The AR-15 chambered in .223/5.56 represented here by the SIG 516 (www.sigsauer.com) can be a very good choice for home defense because of a number of ...

Radical Firearms 10.5in 300 BLK AR15 pistol features a reliable pistol length gas system

300 AAC BlackOut 125gr Sierra MatchKing – 20 Round Box


Daniel Defense DDM4V7 300 Blackout pistol on sale

When deciding on a home defense solution, many new shooters take the ill-informed, but well-meaning advice of armchair commandos, gun salesman and their ...