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19 Astonishing Facts That Seem Fake at First Glance Weird World

19 Astonishing Facts That Seem Fake at First Glance Weird World


19 Amazing Facts That Seem Fake at First Glance

19 Astonishing Facts That Seem Fake at First Glance | Weird World | Weird facts, Funny jokes, Fun facts

A Banyan Tree near Kolkata, India is bigger than the average Walmart.- Submitted by Avirup Maukherjee

napoleon was short

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30 Facts About the World That Will Surprise Even the Most Intelligent People

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If you're a true cinema lover, chances are you've stumbled upon the magical world of Hindi movies or Hindi films (a.k.a. Bollywood movies) at some point.

Sean Hannity recently joined Trump at a rally. Greta Van Susteren, a former Fox host, calls the move an “egregious mistake.”

We Are Living in the Matrix

Bilby sign Australia

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Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

Evaluating Sources in a 'Post-Truth' World: Ideas for Teaching and Learning About Fake NewsEvaluating Sources in a 'Post-Truth' World: Ideas for Teaching ...

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Latvians are a people to look up to. Latvia has the world's tallest women, with the average lady coming in at an impressive 170 cm.

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2. It only takes up to 4 minutes to decide whether you like someone or not

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Horses have the largest eyes of any land animal.


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The Fake Sex Doctor Who Conned the Media Into Publicizing His Bizarre Research on Suicide, Butt-Fisting, and Bestiality

“The Internet started as a bastion for free expression,” a former Reddit C.E.O. wrote. These days, “the trolls are winning.”

Horses Laughing

User numbers

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common snapping turtle


Eliot Higgins (@EliotHiggins) November 25, 2016

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In the photo above, the piece on the right is the fake. Compare it to the more austere but real movement on the left. The fake movement, a ...

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I was 19, gay and ready to be 'cured' by conversion therapy


Illustration of someone getting a scan, doctors conduct brain surgery using “gamma ray knives

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Horses can sleep lying down or standing up.

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Bedtime reading: "I found myself strangely gripped by the exploits of a heroic collective

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Dwayne Johnson arrives at the world premiere of "Rampage" at the Microsoft Theater,

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