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12 Mistakes You Make In The Shower That Can Affect Your Health

12 Mistakes You Make In The Shower That Can Affect Your Health



12 Mistakes You Make In The Shower That Can Affect Your Health

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Taking a shower and washing your hair on a daily basis can lead to drying of skin and thinning of hair. To avoid a flaky skin and scalp, make sure you're ...

12 Shower Mistakes That Affect Your Health - Relationshipsc365

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Not taking a stand

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Homeowners in the United States, sell their homes about every 14 years, according to this research. Plus, it has been noted by financial planners that a ...



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After a grinding session of workout, the first thing you feel like doing is getting out of your sweaty gym gear and rush for a cold, soothing shower.

emergency showers and eyewashes

Eliminating these mistakes will give you healthier hair. George Gvasalia/ Unsplash

Top view of a woman doing a manicure and paint nails with red lacquer


You're washing too much — or not enough — for your hair type.

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Save your smile


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The time of day you take your thyroid meds, and how you store them, can make or break your thyroid disease management.

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Keeping the saltshaker busy

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Showering with cleansers that contain strong surfactants can result in dry, rough skin.

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