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10 Fantastic Beasts On The Verge Of Extinction Care2 Causes Wild

10 Fantastic Beasts On The Verge Of Extinction Care2 Causes Wild


10 Fantastic Beasts on the Verge of Extinction

1. Sumatran Orangutan

3. Amur Leopard

9. Dama Gazelle

8. Malayan Tiger


2. Vancouver Island Marmot

5. Black Rhinoceros

10. Iberian Lynx

4. Hawksbill Sea Turtle

7. Chinese Alligator

Soon, These Fantastic Beasts May Only Exist in Stories

One Million Reasons to Care about Endangered Species Day

Protect Endangered Species From Mass Extinction This Earth Day | Care2 Causes

20 Animals You Didn't Know Are Going Extinct

Wildlife Contests Could Soon Be Shut Down In Arizona | Care2 Causes

endangered species day

Only 50 of These Dolphins Are Left on Earth

Tigers don't go a long distance after the prey killing it in de initial

Should Auld Species Be Forgot?

Lawmakers Step Up To End Circus Suffering In The U.S. | Care2 Causes

There Was Just A Big Win For Animal Rights At The Barcelona Zoo | Care2 Causes

Lammie, a 39-year old female elephant at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa, suddenly found herself living alone when her partner of 17-years died in ...

Koalas Are Now 'Functionally Extinct' In Australia | Care2 Causes

Dance with the king Cobra😊 Its the national reptile of India & is a fascinating site in de wild as the longest venomous

... A fox, a rabbit and a chimpanzee

Koalas Are Now 'Functionally Extinct' In Australia | Care2 Causes

Giraffes ...

The spotted Deer at Balukhand are safe & sound after cyclone Fani. Yesterday's camera traps. There was lot of speculation

The wild and beautiful species that share our world are up against a variety of threats. Facing a hostile administration, greedy corporate interests, ...

Koalas Are Now 'Functionally Extinct' in Australia

The UK Government Will Ban Wild Animals In Travelling Circuses! | Care2 Causes

RT @Saket_Badola: #Hornbill females, while incubating eggs, seal themselves inside the nest. During this entire incubation

Hate Styrofoam? Now There's A Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly Alternative | Care2

Wild & Weird: Florida Panthers Released Back Into Wild

by: Care2 Team recipient: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Rescue Of Young Orangutan Is A Tragic Reminder About The Impact Of Habitat Loss | Care2

图片中可能 ...

Good News: The Catalina Island Fox is Rebounding From The Brink

California Defies Feds With Chlorpyrifos Ban | Care2 Causes

Sign Petition: The Koala Is Heading Towards Extinction

Koala numbers are dwindling. “

Wild Horses Are Once Again At Risk Of Barbaric Sterilization Surgeries | Care2 Causes


Footage of Mother Bear and Cubs Being Killed Highlights Desperate Need to Protect Alaskan Wildlife

Don't Let Trump Kill the Endangered Species Act. In: Wildlife

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers- the most beautiful word on the lips of Mankind. Salutations all


Howler ...

Tanzania wildlife conservation

Today, March 3, is World Wildlife Day. Since 2013, the United Nations has set this day aside to celebrate Earth's incredible biodiversity – and to call ...

Beauty at # Chilika Mouth. Red crabs & water of Bay of Bengal makes

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Petition: Tasmania, Do Something to Save the Beautiful Swift Parrot From Extinction

3 Ways To Help Racehorses On Kentucky Derby Day (and Every Day) | Care2

There is No Magic: Exploring 'George A. Romero's Martin' and its Companion Piece 'The Transfiguration'

It's #WorldEnvironmentDay today, and at DC Beasts, we're not letting the

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95% of The World's Lemur Population Is At Risk of Extinction, Making It The Most Endangered Mammal On The Planet! – World Animal News

We wouldn't think of peacocks as endangered, considering you can find them in any wildlife park, petting zoo and even random farms across the country.

Amsterdam Will Ban All Vehicles Fueled By Gas Or Diesel | Care2 Causes

Petition · Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board: Stop the Sport Killing of Foxes & Help Combat Lyme! · Change.org

Roseate spoonbills

Hero Image

Grumpy Cat Taught Us To Love Cats Of All Personalities | Care2 Causes

The Eastern Cougar was declared extinct by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in 2011. (Photo credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service.)

Back from the brink: Lemurs of Madagascar Anisha Shah CNN August 27, 2015

All about the koala

Join Care2 in Empowering Women & Girls Month

The ...

by: Care2 Team target: Government of South Africa 41,872 SUPPORTERS – 45,000 GOAL

Two Racehorses Die Within Hours Of Each Other | Care2 Causes

No, not the big, mean hippos famed for killing around 2,900 people a year. It's their mini cousins on the Endangered Species list, the Pygmy hippo.

Image source https://dingo.care2.co...es/3210/3209282.large.jpg

Mining company QGC given approval to clear critical koala habitat for CSG wells near Dalby

How humans are bringing tigers to the brink of extinction MARCH 13, 2017

They may annoy you by mimicking a car alarm early in the morning, but mockingbirds are amazing creatures. Unfortunately, at least one species, ...

5 Fascinating Facts About Hibernating Animals

Why Are African Lions Disappearing?

10 Places To Visit In Gujarat That Have A Story of Their Own - The Deccan Odyssey

They're ...

60mm Nikkor with SagaDive +10 diopter

Today is World Wildlife Day; a great opportunity to highlight mankind's heroic efforts to protect Earth's amazing wildlife and biodiversity.

The Sixth Mass Extinction Is Upon Us - Shocking Loss of Life

Rodents ...

Don't Cut Funding for Public Housing and Infrastructure!

We're A Step Closer To Protecting The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge From Drilling |

In latest attack on wildlife, FWS erodes protections for endangered animals from developers

Many species of tiny musk deer, so diminutive they look like the prehistoric animals that were the first mammals to arrive on the planet.

Trump is Hiding Who Comes to The White House: Demand Transparency!

django rehydrates to his normal self

Just before Christmas 2016, somewhere in the 110,000-acre Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in eastern North Carolina, another red wolf was found shot ...

The Lion King Official Trailer

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Costa Rica Is Going to Close Its Zoos And Release the Animals Into the Wild

This post is part of a series on humans' destruction of the natural world.

Swimming towards extinction 21 AGOSTO 2015

Congress: Don't Let 10 Million People Lose Health Coverage Under Trump's Budget!